Mixed Media Collage Tutorial

To begin the collage, I used Gel Medium to adhere scrapbook papers and decorative tissue to the mixed media paper. I used scallop scissors on one side of this piece first.

It's helpful to place something on top of your collage in the beginning stages to help prevent air bubbles. I also use my acrylic block (typically used for stamping) to position my papers and keep things in place while adhering each piece by moving it around as needed. Don't worry if papers hang off the edge, you can trim them later!

Make sure the corners are all pasted down!

Trim the paper that hangs off the edge, or if you prefer you can keep some of the edges irregular for a different look.

Here is the base of my collage. All of the papers are secured down, I trimmed the edges up, but I like the uneven, jagged look on the bottom, so I kept it funky!

For this next step, you're going to want to water down Gesso quite heavily to
make a Gesso wash, and apply with a flat brush.

Gently wiping with a paper towel can take away some of the wash if you
want more color to come though.

You can see how the layers come together to form a soft background.

Make sure everything is completely dry before moving on!
I love my craft heating tool by Ranger. Sometimes I can't wait 20-30 minutes to go on to the next step, and this dries things up super fast!

Here I began sketching, and thinking of what other elements I wanted to include.
The washi tape up in the right corner ended up being removed, but I like to play around with things and see how they fit.

For the whites of the eyes and the light in the pupil, I used this white pastel pencil, and I love how its made them really pop!

I chose pastels rather than paint, but either will work on top of the gesso. I'm a huge fan of pastels because they're less mess, and for me the process seems to go faster.

Here you can see I'm building up the color and my workspace is a hot mess!

My favorite part! Fabric tape is so versatile. Here, I simply cut out a few simple shapes to make a little scarf for my artista.

I added lace at the top right by adhering with Gel Medium, and finally removed that washi tape that was up there. And that's it!
A lovely afternoon collage that's simple and so much fun!