Seems it has been a while since I last blogged.

Creatively and professionally my career has been taking off! I have been blessed with lots of opportunities that have allowed me to truly discover what is possible with my photography and photo art; the possibilities are countless.

Sebastian Michaels requested me as a staff photographer for his out-of-this-world online course,
AWAKE: Living the Photo-Artistic Life. It's quite an honor!

My sweet son, Jude, is ten months old and I find so much joy in spending the days with him. We go on hikes and I tell him about nature and animals, we read many books, practice walking and using the potty. And we just play and have fun.

I'm so thankful to that it's possible for me to spend this time with him—because children are not little for very long!

So how does my photography and art career fit in with being a full time mama? Well, I of course photograph Jude
[as well as the mountains of N.C.] pretty much every day. I edit my photography in Lightroom and dabble in Topaz Impression with painterly and charcoal effects. And I play around in Photoshop for a few hours [maybe three times a week]. But I always crave more.

Not only do I crave more time for photo art, but my after assisting the renowned Alena Hennessy at her Soul Painting retreat I have been dying to paint! I have all the supplies and a notebook filled with ideas, but just can't
seem to find the time.

I am unable to shake the feelings of apprehension when I consider calling a babysitter, but I know for certain that having distraction free time to myself would help me to accomplish so much!

So yes, I've been busy and neglecting my website. But I have so many plans to share my recent art and photography here on katielynngalleries.com. It is going to happen!

But first, I must find a babysitter! haha.


P.S. Never give up on your dreams, no matter how big and far away they may seem. Because you are wonderfully made and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.