I love celebrating New Years. It's such a great feeling; a whole new year in which anything could happen! I've learned that no dream is too big and no goal is unattainable.

It seems as though I have neglected my website. The blog posts I made previously were so short and I have yet to truly write. But it's a new year and I'm excited to share all of my new artwork, new experiences and new poetry with you!

Last year was a whirlwind of big changes for me. Here are some highlights of last year which should explain my lack of blogging...

I gave birth to my first child in August- a baby boy. My little Jude Benjamin. Oh my goodness is he growing fast. He just turned five months old and is rolling around, smiling and laughing, eating rice cereal and learning how his hands work. He's such a bright-eyed, happy little cutie pie.


My fiance Carey and I are getting married in April, so I have been planning for the wedding which is in Ohio where the majority of our family lives. It's not easy planning for a wedding, especially when it's in different state. Luckily Carey's mom and aunt have been happy to help us out with the planning and shopping. Also, I'm super excited to have Kelly Garsee, an incredible photographer and a client I edit photos for, as my wedding photographer. I can't imagine having anyone else document my special day.

Carey and I moved from Texas to North Carolina when I was nearly eight months pregnant with a dog and a cat and a Mini Cooper towing a U-Haul. Needless to say it was quite a challenging endeavor. It ended up taking us about 25 hours and we drove straight through. By the time we arrived at our new home I was beyond exhausted and super emotional because I was so sleep deprived and sore. But we did it! And North Carolina is beautiful. We absolutely love living here. It's a perfect place to for Jude to grow up. From hiking long trails leading to marvelous waterfalls to exploring downtown Asheville and seeing the art and culture there, it's certainly where we plan to stay for the foreseeable future. We moved into this cute log cabin home, but it was way too big (there were 4 bathrooms...). So we are currently in an apartment, but are hoping to buy a house in the area within the next year or two.


I don't want to be to mushy, but... I'm bursting at the seams with excitement to walk down the aisle and become Carey's wife. I love him more and more everyday, with all of my heart. He is undoubtedly  my soulmate. God brought us together in 2011, took us on lots of wild adventures, and has helped us through many challenges which made us stronger both individually and as a couple. He has blessed us in countless ways. And of course, He has given us the most precious gift in the world- our son.


My digital artwork was displayed in a gallery for the first time ever. This made me feel very special.


Those are the biggest highlights of the year! I'm going to be honest, it's been a long time since I've sat down and just wrote. And this is the very first blog I've ever had.

I am happy to begin this new year, and excited to share tons of new content with you.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my new musings and art in 2015.