In getting older I have come to realize just how important family is. Years ago I decided to move out of Ohio, the state I grew up in, and explore the country. I wanted to find a place warmer and more diverse; somewhere beautiful that just felt right. North Carolina is definitely that place, but there is a major downside...

The vast majority of my family lives up in Ohio- ten hours away from me! My little brothers are growing up so quickly and I feel as though I'm missing out on everything. Luckily there is text/picture messaging, phone calls and Skype which make it super easy to keep in touch.

Carey and I have been taking road trips up there every month. Our dog, Oliver, always rides shotgun.
Every time we go up north it's an incredibly exhausting trip. Each day it seems we always have somewhere to be and someone to see [mostly due to the wedding planning], but spending time with family and friends is always a joy. I'm so happy they can see Jude grow and learn while he's still itty-bitty.

My dad has always loved "perfect trees." You know, the ones that are beautifully full and rounded, and stand alone somewhere. I created this image for his birthday last year. It was printed on canvas and is currently displayed in his living room.


I found much joy creating art for someone I love dearly. It was then I decided I wanted to make a photo art composition for as many family members as I could.

My Aunt Julienne got married last July. She had asked me to be a bridesmaid, but unfortunately her wedding was three days before Jude's expected due date so I was unable to attend. I wanted to give her something extraordinary for a wedding gift- an elegant, romantic canvas incorporating one of her favorite wedding photos. She was thrilled with it...


I'm planning to make a composition for my lovely grandmother next. I've been trying to find the perfect photo of her and my late grandfather, but I just haven't found it yet. Should be coming soon though!