"By sheer serendipity I found an answer to my biggest problem. I have been talking about outsourcing my wedding post production for some time now. But I have a hard time putting my faith (and my clients memories) into the hands of a stranger. And then I met Katie. There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that Katie has my best interest in mind through every image and event I send her. I am amazed by her extensive skill set and I have no doubt that she can handle and perfect anything I throw her way. I am so grateful to have found such a sweet and talented individual to trust my editing to. I look forward to relaxing a little this wedding season, knowing that everything is in good hands."

—Kelly Garsee, Photographer



"Katie brings my images to life and finds qualities in them I didn't even know were there. It's still my photo, only somehow subtly better. She just does great work."



— Phil Steele, Photographer



"I not only shoot photography myself, I actually teach courses on serious photo-editing ... but there is very little I could hope to show Katie Lynn.  Her photo-editing is extraordinary, and her artistic compositions absolutely amazing.  She approaches all of her editing with the keen, intuitive eye of a serious photographer.  The results are never short of amazing.  I will be hiring Katie again and again."



—Sebastian Michaels, Photo Artist