5 Simple Changes That Make You Feel Alive

1. Get a haircut or color. I suppose this applies more to females, but I'm guessing males feel good after a haircut too... Weather it's just a trim, highlights or a dramatic cut, choose something that fits you and your style. Something that will make you look and feel stunning.

I've been growing my hair out for years after having had a pixie cut for a while. I decided it was time to get rid of the knotty, frizzy mane and embrace a shorter hairstyle. It's a great fit because it'll be easier to manage, my hair now feels light and healthy, and frames my face nicely. Also, I can pull it into a cute little pony tail. I feel revitalized and confident!

2. Rearrange furniture in your home. Okay, this one requires a lot of determination and sweat, but it's so totally worth the effort. While you plan your rearranging, think of how you can open up the space in a new way.

Accommodate animals with new, peaceful areas where they can rest and scope out what the family is up to. Moving cat trees around every few months makes my cat happy.

Today I decided that I need a craft/work area that is designated for just those things. We have big coffee table with a shelf underneath. I placed it against a wall, covered it with lace fabric (slid newsprint sketch paper underneath the table to cover the lace when I need to get a little messy). I placed the few craft supplies I do have unpacked on the shelf, and the lace hides the shelf nicely. There is an area rug under the table over that I placed an old yoga mat. Planning to get some sitting pillows to kneel and sit upon. Or maybe a little beanbag chair? haha. I'll have to put a photo up soon!

 3. Yoga and meditation twice a day. Just five or so minutes in the morning before breakfast and before bed... You will be pleasantly surprised by the effects! I have a board on my Pinterest called 'Health' and I've pinned my favorite yoga sequences and poses on there. I've heard there are also a lot of great YouTube videos with yoga instruction, but personally I like to just look at the poses and follow my own rhythm.

I find it helpful to play calming music, light some candles and really zen out. Don't worry about your thoughts wandering... let them wander, but only to positive, happy things. Be thankful for your body and your mind. That's the exercise that helps me most- allowing myself to get lost in gratitude while stretching and strengthening my body.

4. Go on a walk every day. Fresh air, a light breeze. When you get into the habit of walking daily, try walking faster and faster- speed walking is great exercise, and exercise is important. Not to mention, it strengthens your legs and toosh, and as a woman that thought always makes me smile. Beyond the many scientific health benefits of walking every day, it just makes you feel good. Trust me, I speak from experience. I take "my boys" [my dog and son] on a walk every day and they love it too! 

5. Instead of making excuses for not getting things done, write out your goals. Make a step-by-step for each of your goals and write out why you want to achieve that goal and how you'll feel after you do. There are a lot of great resources out there that can guide you along. Get some Anthony Robbins books or listen to one of his talks about goal setting. He's quite the inspiration and self help guide. I'll be blogging more about goal setting and what I personally do to "design my destiny" here soon!